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Welcome to Lachet

Offering versatile, comfortable garments that transcend fleeting trends is kind of our thing. Through merging timeless silhouettes with purposeful details we aim to create a modern take to essential and effortless style. We design with forever in mind, producing pieces that effortlessly transition and adapt as your personal style changes over the years. All styles are produced using slow and thoughtful design and production methods.

Don’t have time to plan the perfect outfit? Our range of co-ords takes the thinking out of outfit planning by doing it for you. It’s the easiest way to look and feel put together. The best part is all our co-ords are designed to be worn together or as separates, giving you more endless styling options. 

Wondering why we’ve grouped tops and dresses together? It’s to encourage breaking fashion rules, play with styling and enjoy your clothing. Why not wear a longer length top as a dress?  Or wear a dress tucked into one of our Pants? Go on and get creative, you might just like it.

Who doesn’t love a good bottom? Whether it’s pants or skirts, bottoms form the foundation of any good wardrobe. Our bottoms are thoughtfully designed for comfort and versatility. They are easily styled with a variety of top silhouettes and transition from day to evening effortlessly, making them the perfect addition to any wardrobe.  

Our kimonos are a contemporary take on the traditional Japanese Kimono. The non-restrictive and comfortable silhouette makes it the perfect style to do life in. They are easy to style and perfect for any occasion and season.  The only problem is trying not to wear it every day.